Alliance Blog
Op Ed: DAC As Planned Was Serious Case Of Mission Creep
by Tracy Rosenberg
Op-Ed printed in the Oakland Tribune on March 13, 2014
Announcing Wavelength Media Arts - Let's Talk Arts Advocacy on May 5th!
by Tracy Rosenberg
IAM and Media Alliance are launching Wavelength Media/Arts as a collaborative partnership to focus and amplify our complementary strengths in fiscal ..
The Radio, The Internet and The Jetsons
by Pete Tridish
Pete Tridish on why terrestrial radio still matters
First Peruvian-based Community Media Crowdfunding Campaign: Wayka for the Lima Metro
Wayka, a non-profit Community Newspaper project has launched a crowdfunding campaign to break the media monopoly that controls 80% of the newspapers ..
Blog: Mergers Lock In The Status Quo
by Tracy Rosenberg
The San Francisco Bay Area is often seen across the country as a blue outpost and a place where liberal ideas predominate. This image is especially ..
February 11. The Day We Fought Back
On Feb 11th, the one year anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death, the Internet will become a placard for the right to communicate freely.
Want To Predict the Future of Surveillance? Ask Poor Communities
by Virgina Eubanks
Virginia Eubanks writes in American Prospect about the shock troops on the frontlines of surveillance: the poor and how the dystopian future many ..
Blog: A Thousand New Radio Stations: Whose Will They Be?
by Tracy Rosenberg
The future of democratic media may come down to a bunch of lawyers.
Blog: The Center for American Progress and the Nullify NSA Movement
by Tracy Rosenberg
The prominent Democratic website Think Progress recently took aim at the anti-NSA surveillance movement with a warning to ?Beware of Libertarians ..
January 23rd Panel on Our Almost Orwellian State
by Our Almost Orwellian State
A panel in Berkeley 1/23 on surveillance with Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon, EFF's Cindy Cohn and BORDC's Shahid Buttar. Watch the video!
Media Policy
Hate Crime Reporting Act Introduced in the Senate
Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, ... more
50 Public Interest Groups Say No To Comcast/Time Warner Merger
The anti-competitive and anti-consumer cable merger between Comcast and Time Warner was objected to ... more
Missouri Democrat McCaskill Excoriates Big Cable For High Prices
At a cable regulatory meeting (STELA) in DC, Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill scolded cable and ... more
Big Data and Privacy
MA joined 17 grassroots media groups in an open letter supporting a civil rights platform for big ... more
Bill To Rescue Public Access TV Passes CA U&C Committee
Under a ground swell of 54 support letters and more than a dozen speakers, Assembly Joint ... more
Oakland Domain Awareness Center (DAC): Scaled Back
Update 3/7/2014 Oakland City Council as expected, voted on 3-5-2014 to scale back the DAC spying ... more
Shame on Feinstein: CA Senator Responds To The Campaign
Update 3/7/2014: Senator Dianne Feinstein finally responded to the Bay Area-wide Shame on Feinstein ... more
Big Cable Tries To Push Free Channels Off Basic Tier
In a heated DC battle, over-the-air broadcasters are fighting cable efforts to kick them out of ... more
Coalition Demands Privacy Protections For Teens on Facebook
The Center for Digital Democracy, joined by Media Alliance and a coalition of public health, child ... more
AB 1876 Introduced In CA Assembly To End Phone Commissions In County Jails
Assemblymember Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) introduced AB 1876 into the CA Assembly to end commissions on ... more

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