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Blog: What's Up At Comic-Con?
by Tracy Rosenberg
The algorithims of press pass distribution at big events can be a bit mysterious, but it impacts what we hear about them - and what we don't.
In Defense of Black Rage: Michael Brown, the Police, and the American Dream
by Brittney Cooper
A blog by Brittney Cooper in Salon that says what needs to be said about the ongoing slaughter of young people of color.
Is Obama Moving To The Front Seat On Net Neutrality?
After being greeted by demonstrators demanding real net neutrality at two California fundraisers two weeks ago, President Obama came out against paid ..
Reefer Madness Redux
USA Today devotes a surprising amount of attention to manipulating emergency room statistics to argue marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine or ..
Comcast Affiliated News Outlet Censors Article About Net Neutrality Lobbying
by Lee Fang
A telecom industry-affiliated lobbying group successfully persuaded an African American news website to remove an article that reported critically on ..
Blog: KCSM-TV Update
by Tracy Rosenberg
In the last 2 weeks, we got a flood of calls from distraught viewers. Here's why.
Obama in the Back Seat Rallies Across California
by Victoria Kaplan
Activists around California hit Obama fundraisers in Silicon Valley and LA to say the Internet is not to be privatized.
Blog: Fusing California
by Tracy Rosenberg
When it comes to our personal information, many of us depend on things falling through the cracks.
Blog: Media Coverage of the Iraqi Crisis
by Riyadh Mohammed
The western media rediscovered Iraq last month, after years of negligence.
The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz
The new documentary on the activist hounded to his death by federal prosecutors
Media Policy
Barbara Lee Relocates Fundraising Event from Oakland Marriot During Urban Shield
Update 9/1: Congresswoman Lee has responded to our letter and relocated her event from the Oakland ... more
65 Groups Send Letter Objecting to Comcast-Time Warner Merger
Sixty-five organizations representing consumers, content producers, and social justice and ... more
Urban Shield Lands on Oakland: Community Resistance Building
Urban Shield, the BAUSI SWAT/Military cooperative event, gets underway in Oakland on September 4th. more
Declassified Documents
As courts release formerly classified documents, albeit heavily blacked out, the extent of ... more
Sudden Arrest of WP Iran correspondent and Two Others by Iranian Government
Update: 8/21 The photojournalist arrested with Rezaian and his wife was released on bail. more
Petitions Filed at FCC to Free Community Broadband
Two municipal broadband projects in North Carolina have filed petitions with the FCC to lift local ... more
Media Alliance Filing - Net Neutrality
Here's our individual filing in the FCC Net Neutrality proceeding. MA is also signed onto several ... more
CISA - CISPA Without The "P" - Obama Veto Request Letter
Overreaching cybersecurity bills come through DC like bad pennies. more
MA Joins 17 Advocacy Orgs in Chevron RICO Amicus Brief
MA joins 17 advocacy organizations in an amicus brief in the Chevron - Amazon Watch RICO case. more
Facebook Study a Rare Public Reminder of Corporate Big Data’s Unaccountable Power
For one week in January 2012, a Facebook data scientist (collaborating with a psychology professor) ... more

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