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Victory for the Net Party
by Wendy Hanamura
Nowadays you never have to miss a party.
Social Justice Media: The Case of Occupy
by Dorothy Kidd
A study of social justice media as used in the Occupy Movement by USF professor (and former MA board member) Dorothy Kidd.
No Slow Lanes On The Internet. Ever.
by Tracy Rosenberg
The biggest victory for democratic communications in history. What happened, will it stick, what's next?
FCC's Proposed Rules: Title II. Internet Common Carriage.
by Tom Wheeler
FCC Chair Tom Wheeler previewed the FCC's proposed network neutrality rules in Wired Magazine. The Internet will be regulated under Title 2 as a ..
Information-Sharing In The Bay Area
by Tracy Rosenberg
The January meeting of the Urban Area Strategic Initiative (UASI)featured this informative slide show about how the Bay Area's fusion centers work ..
Congressional Hearing on Net Neutrality
This is the video of the House Energy and Commerce net neutrality hearing.
More Reform On Prison Phone Rates
by United Church of Christ OCC
UCC OC Inc., Center for Media Justice and MAGNet teamed up with religious organizations, civil rights groups, labor and many others to submit a ..
May First / PeopleLink and Athens Indymedia Center
Our friends and Media Action Grassroots Network colleagues May First/Peoplelink's statement on their federal gag order.
Epic Direct Action: SumofUs puts the Google bus in the Slow Lane.
by Sum of us
A totally amazing direction by SumofUs volunteers. They put the Google bus in the slow lane.
Media Policy
March 12 CPUC Speakout Against The Comcast Merger
If the deal is so bad for Californians that it takes 25 conditions to keep it from wreaking havoc, ... more
Improving FOIA
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is one of the most important tools for investigative ... more
Best Day at the FCC Ever
On February 26, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission made history. more
CA PUC Approves Comcast/TWC Merger But Applies 25 Conditions
CA's Public Utilities Commission Proposes 25 Merger Conditions for Comcast to Merge with Time ... more
SB 178- California Electronic Communications Privacy Act
ECPA - SB 178 was introduced today by Senator Mark Leno. Media Alliance is a co-sponsoring ... more
ACLU In Court To Get The Whole Torture Report
ACLU legal initiative to get the "whole" torture report via an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act ... more
Keeping Broadcast TV Accessible
Note sent to the House Energy/Commerce Committee about keeping local broadcast channels on the low ... more
City of Oakland to Consider 1st in Nation Surveillance Ordinance
Update: 2/10 Public Safety Committee unanimously opens 30 day public comment period on all privacy ... more
Fixing Congressional Oversight of National Security
A coalition of 50+ organizations (including Media Alliance) and individuals from across the ... more
Private Prisons Act of 2014 Introduced
U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) reintroduced the Private Prison Information Act ... more

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