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Alliance For Community West Annual Conference - March 2017 - In Fresno
The annual independent media gathering is set for Fresno March 8-10
Media Action Grassroots Network 2016
by MAG-Net
Every year, media justice organizations from all over the country convene under the name The Media Action Grassroots Network.
Interrupting Surveillance-In Silicon Valley and Beyond
by Tracy Rosenberg
Bay Area activists have seized on a strategy to localize the fight against government spying.
Fighting the Beast on Bryant at City Hall
by Tracy Rosenberg
The activist-dubbed Beast on Bryant adds 196 more luxury units to a neighborhood already built out way in excess of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan
Lifeline Story Bank
by Media Alliance, TURN, Greenlining Institute, Milestone Consulting
Between now and March, advocates have a chance to convey the real stories of how access to communications changes lives and creates opportunities.
Diversity in Television: An FCC Principle Now Being Reconsidered
by Tracy Rosenberg
The "public interest" that the FCC must protect includes Americans who have affordability challenges with pay TV and high-speed broadband access
IVP: Internet Architecture
An infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Techology serves as an easy intro to the web's internal architecture.
Recording in Progress: Media, Tech and Social Justice
by Recording in Progress
Recording in Progress is a series of panel discussions about innovation and new developments in technology, entertainment, culture, business, art and ..
Practicing Communication Rights: Honduras and South Korea
by Dorothy Kidd
This brief academic paper by USF Media Studies Professor and former MA board member Dorothy Kidd examines democratized media in Honduras and South ..
Media Policy
Urban Shield 2016
Update: A special hearing on 2017 Urban Shield Funding to be held by the Alameda Cty Board of Supes ... more
Choice for SF Apartment-Dwellers
A new ordinance before SF's Supervisors requires SF landlords to provide a choice of telecom ... more
Un-Ban The Bay View
The venerable black newspaper has been banned in several prisons including Folsom and Lancaster ... more
Facial Recognition Software: Biased as Hell
52 civil liberties organzizations appealed to DOJ to address racial bias in the growing use of ... more
FCC Responds to Radio Death - 9 Years Later
9 years later, the FCC has responded to Entercom causing the death of a young woman in a "Hold Your ... more
DirecTV Sued For Anti-Competitive Collusion
Score one for the baseball fans. more
PUC Needs Consumer Advocates: Reappoint Sandoval
It seems astonishing Governor Brown has not moved to re-appoint her to the scandal-plagued agency more
And It's Back: Bulletproof Warrior Bay Area
The agressive policing seminars from Calibre are back: this time in Santa Rosa and Sacramento in ... more
Berkeley Teacher Put Through The Wringer For Protesting
Update: Victory. Yvette Felarca was restored to her teaching position at the Berkeley Unified ... more
MA Supports the Speak Free Act
Media Alliance is pleased to endorse the Speak Free Act more

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