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Fighting the Beast on Bryant at City Hall
by Tracy Rosenberg
The activist-dubbed Beast on Bryant adds 196 more luxury units to a neighborhood already built out way in excess of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan
Lifeline Story Bank
by Media Alliance, TURN, Greenlining Institute, Milestone Consulting
Between now and March, advocates have a chance to convey the real stories of how access to communications changes lives and creates opportunities.
The Brainwashing Of My Dad
by Tracy Rosenberg
MA will be co-hosting and speaking at the Cinequest screening of this new documentary on March 9 at 4:30 at the Camera 12 Cinemas in San Jose.
Diversity in Television: An FCC Principle Now Being Reconsidered
by Tracy Rosenberg
The "public interest" that the FCC must protect includes Americans who have affordability challenges with pay TV and high-speed broadband access
IVP: Internet Architecture
An infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Techology serves as an easy intro to the web's internal architecture.
Why The Charter/TWC Merger is Bad News
by Tracy Rosenberg
The record of increased media concentration is clear: higher prices, worse service and less choices for you.
Recording in Progress: Media, Tech and Social Justice
by Recording in Progress
Recording in Progress is a series of panel discussions about innovation and new developments in technology, entertainment, culture, business, art and ..
Practicing Communication Rights: Honduras and South Korea
by Dorothy Kidd
This brief academic paper by USF Media Studies Professor and former MA board member Dorothy Kidd examines democratized media in Honduras and South ..
Towards Public Broadband - SF Civic Makers Salon
Civic tech enthusiasts, local government representatives and telecommunications industry professionals gathered together to discuss what the future ..
Media Policy
Bulletproof Warrior Shot Down
The Santa Clara Sheriff cancelled a police survival seminar implicated in Philando Castile's death, ... more
Media Ownership Rules Back In Court
Media Cross-Ownership Rules Are Back In Court more
Exempting FBI Next Generation Biometric Database From Privacy Act
The NGI Database is the world's largest database of personally identifying information more
Victory in Santa Clara: Unanimous Vote for Community Control of Surveillance Equipment
Santa Clara County has unanimously endorsed the first comprehensive local oversight law on every ... more
The Verdict Is In: Net Neutrality Upheld
The Open Internet Order of February 2015 has been upheld on both wired and wireless services. more
Groups Ask FCC and DOJ to Investigate Law Enforcement’s Warrantless Use of Cellular Surveillance Devices
On March 16, 45 civil rights, public policy and public interest organizations will deliver a letter ... more
What Will They Do About The Internet?
Media Alliance joined 38 organizations to call for political debate moderators to ask candidates ... more
UC Berkeley ASUC Passes Resolution Campus Police Should Not Participate in Urban Shield
UC Berkeley's student government unanimously requests campus police end their participation in ... more
Finishing Prison Phone Reform
An open letter on the final phases of federal prison phone reform. more
Don't Undermine Encryption: Apple vs. NSA
Crypto Wars 2 pit encryption advocates against the FBI which wants code written to break password ... more

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