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Media Alliance is 37-years old this year, a rarity in the often short-lived nonprofit sector. The reasons include the extent of the problems we face in regaining control of media, a commitment to offering the best training opportunities and support for members that we can, and more than a bit of stubbornness.

We remember and treasure the small pack of Bay Area journalists who met back in 1976 determined to support each other in rocking the system and making better, more accountable, more representative and more diverse sources of information available. Their vision and hopes are as crucial as ever.

Since then, the vision for media reform and media justice has spawned national coalitions and conferences, structures undreamed of over thirty years ago.

But we still face many of the same problems: ownership consolidation, misrepresentation, limited access. And the consequences remain: unwanted wars, political corruption, and a haze of propaganda.

We know Media Alliance is needed more than ever.

2014 Accomplishments
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