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About Media Alliance

Media Alliance is a leader in building coalitions for press freedom and media access, accountability and alternatives.

* Holding Big Media Accountable to Community Needs

Our members and allies throughout California are working to ensure that local radio, TV and newspaper outlets are meeting the needs of diverse communities. Tactics include conducting media monitoring, convening town hall forums and meetings with media representatives, and when appropriate, organizing for changes at outlets that are not fulfilling their public interest obligations.

* Opening The Media For Everyone - Digital Equality, Ownership and Mergers

Internet freedom is under heavy attack by telecom giants who are spending billions to consolidate. These mega-corporations also exacerbate the digital divide with discriminatory redlining practices. We work actively to bridge the digital divide, create competition, and make sure the Internet stays open for us all.

* Defending Press Freedom and Civil Rights

Initially founded as a legal defense committee for journalists under fire, MA actively supports media workers in organizing for better working conditions, freedom from government and law enforcement surveillance, and increased resources for rigorous, investigative, community-based reporting.

*Training and Media Capacity Building

Media Alliance offers workshops for nonprofit staffers and activists - in three ways. Our regular calender of "Communication Skills for Social Justice Workshops" features working professionals and affordable fees. Customized workshops are available in any of the subjects we teach for groups of five or more. We try to provide capacity building training to under-represented groups to reframe media myths and deliver authentic first-voice expression on important social justice issues.

*Job Listings

Jobfile is a weekly listing of media-related positions in Northern California. It features full-time, part-time and freelance jobs and internships in print media, film, video, graphic design, broadcast and public relations.