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Public TV For Sale
by Tracy RosenbergSan Francisco Bay Guardian
February 4th, 2012
The San Mateo Community College District Board of Trustees has announced the upcoming sale of its independent public television station, KCSM-TV. Some potential new owners are cause for alarm.

AT&T / T-Mobile Merger Bites the Dust
Washington DC - Signaling the tail end of a regulatory process that hasn't been going AT&T's way for some time, the telecom giant made formal the abandonment of plans to acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telecom.

FCC Comes Out Against AT&T Takeover
by Media Action Grassroots NetworkPitchengine
On November 22nd, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski released a draft order recommending AT&T and T-Mobile appear at a hearing in front of an administrative judge before the $39 billion deal between the two corporate giants goes through.

Dept of Justice Files Suit To Block AT&T/T-Mobile Merger
Earlier this morning, the United States Department of Justice announced that it would be filing a lawsuit to stop the planned AT&T purchase of T-Mobile USA.

Regulators Focus Eye on the Sale of KUSF
by Reyhan HarmanciBay Citizen/New York Times
When KDFC, the popular commercial classical radio station, was sold to the University of Southern California in January and bumped down to 90.3, the nonprofit end of the dial, hundreds of thousands of classical music fans lost the ability to hear the station’s offerings, thanks to the downgraded signal strength.

The Public Access Crisis
by Eric ArnoldAlternet
Public-access television has always had a low-budget, amateur reputation. Yet Rod Laughridge's alternative news program "Newsroom on Access SF" was anything but that. Though San Francisco's public-access station had its share of offbeat shows —- like the risqué DeeDeeTV, hosted by self-described "pop culture diva" Dee Dee Russell — "Newsroom" took itself seriously. Its mission, as described on its website, was to "bring community-based, community reported and produced independent news and interviews from a grassroots viewpoint — unhindered, uncensored and unaltered."

Where Are The Jobs AT&T Promised?
by Art BrodskyHuffington Post
While most of the labor union leadership has decided to blindly follow AT&T off of a cliff in the company's quest to conquer T-Mobile, it's refreshing to find that someone who has finally, if too late, saw the light. He, apparently alone, recognized the value of AT&T's promises of new jobs if the company gets what it wants. Zero.

California Public Utilities Commission Votes to Investigate California-Specific Impacts of Proposed AT&T /T-Mobile Merger
California Public Utilities Commission Votes to Investigate California-Specific Impacts of Proposed AT&T /T-Mobile Merger Commission Votes 3-2 to Support Commissioner Sandoval’s Proposal for Informational Proceeding

Public Interest Groups Call for Community Inclusion in CA Broadband Buildout
by Mera Szendro BokNew Media Rights

California Public Utilities Commission Suspends Approval of AT&T /T-Mobile Merger
California Public Utilities Commission Suspends Approval of AT&T – T-Mobile Merger. Commission Votes 5-0 to Open an Informational Proceeding on Impacts to the State of California

Council Tree Vs FCC - To The Supreme Court
A Communications Daily article on Council Tree vs FCC (Media Alliance is a public interest co-plaintiff) which just filed a petition to overturn flawed spectrum auction sales in the United States Supreme Court.

Local Organizations Advocating for Real Net Neutrality: Representative Lee Asked to Intervene to Protect Wireless and Mobile Internet Users
Members of Media Alliance, PUEBLO, First Voice Media Action, Mujeres Unidas Y Activas and others are meeting with Representative Barbara Lee's office today at 11:00am to urge her to demand that any net neutrality orders presented to the Federal Communications Commission for a vote next week provide the same consumer protections to users of wireless and mobile broadband services.

Constituents Push Congress For A Level Playing Field Online:
San Francisco – Members of Media Alliance, Common Cause, Amnesty International and the Media Action Grassroots Network are meeting with Representative Pelosi's office today at 3:00pm to urge her to sign a letter calling on Federal Communications Commission Chair Julius Genachowski to ensure a level online playing field by using his authority to reclassify the Internet.

MA Press Release on KPFA - November 9th
Berkeley-After a slow motion buildup for several months, The Pacifica Foundation, the Berkeley-based 501(c)-3 not-for-profit organization that holds the licenses for five educational radio stations across the country and provides content for 150 affiliated stations, has finally moved to stanch financial bleeding at the network's Berkeley unit KPFA-FM by laying off 7-8 employees after posting a million dollar loss over the past two years.

MA Press Release on KPFA November 4th
Berkeley-At noon today, a handful of employees at Pacifica Radio's Berkeley unit KPFA-FM, have announced a picket of their parent 501(c)3 organization, the Pacifica Foundation, which owns 5 educational radio licenses around the country and provides programming to 100 other affiliated stations.

Victory in Council Tree vs.FCC
On August 24th, the DC Third Circuit Court upheld the Council Tree et al vs FCC case (MA was a plantiff) releasing anti-competitive restrictions on spectrum sales.

Amid Rumors of Google-Verizon Deal, FCC Pulls out of Industry Net Neutrality Talks
A series of much-criticized stakeholder meetings on the contentious issue of “network neutrality” or open internet regulations collapsed today as the Federal Communications Commission pulled out of negotiations with AT&T, Google, Verizon and Skype.

House Judiciary Committee Schedules Los Angeles Field Hearing on Comcast/NBCU Proposed Merger for June 7
Los Angeles, CA-With one week's notice, the US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has announced a field hearing on the proposed merger between cable giant Comcast and the NBC/Universal broadcasting network.

Public Interest Groups Demand Reversal of Media Consolidation: Hearing Friday May 21st at Stanford University
On the eve of a Federal Communications Commission field workshop on media ownership at Stanford University on May 21st, a coalition of public interest groups, including Media Alliance, Prometheus Radio Project, The Office of Communications of the United Church of Christ and Free Press, represented by the Media Access Project and the Institute for Public Representation, have filed a brief with the US Court of Appeals, stating a 2008 decision to significantly weaken media ownership rules was unreasonable and against the law.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Returns to Stanford University Campus; Media Ownership Hearing Set For May 21st at Dinkelspiel Auditorium
Stanford - Two years after Comcast hearings led to sanctions on the cable giant for "net neutrality" violations, the Federal Communications Commission is returning to the Stanford campus for an en banc hearing. This time, the subject of discussion is cross-ownership rules that limit the number of print and broadcast outlets in a market that can be owned by the same entity.