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Net Neutrality Order Passes With Big Loopholes
Net Neutrality orders passed the FCC on December 21st with exemptions from regulation for wireless and mobile connections from regulatory protocols and little to prevent paid content prioritization.

Bay Area Disability Advocates Call on FCC to Keep the Internet Open
In January, The World Institute on Disability sent a comment to the FCC suggesting net neutrality regulations would have a negative effect on persons with disabilities. The position that the WID takes is not one shared by the entire disability community. This letter is to address that fact and voice concerns members of the disability community have about the future of the Internet.

100+ at Google on August 13th
More than 100 people stopped everything on Friday August 13th to tell Google how they really felt about the corporate turnaround on net neutrality. A petition with 330,000 consumer signatures was delivered to the Internet giant at the rally.

Amid Rumors of Google-Verizon Deal, FCC Pulls out of Net Neutrality Industry Talks
A series of much-criticized stakeholder meetings on the contentious issue of “network neutrality” or open internet regulations collapsed today as the Federal Communications Commission pulled out of negotiations with AT&T, Google, Verizon and Skype.

Connecting the Issues: USF Reform and Social Justice
Don't get how extending Lifeline service to broadband makes a better world? Here is Mag-net's analysis of why Universal Service Fund Reform is a critical issue for a more just country.

No Net Brutality
Now that the FCC has proposed a partial reclassification of Internet services from Title I to Title II, rightwing think tanks have come out swinging in defense of their big telecom buddies.

Net Neutrality and The Third Way
by Tracy RosenbergHuffington Post
On May 6th, FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski laid out a six-page plan for trying to make everyone happy in the net neutrality battle. It's a big question whether he will succeed.

Whose Internet Is It?
First, we had the Supreme Court affirming the free speech rights of corporations. Now we have the DC Court of Appeals telling us Comcast owns the Internet. But they don't. We do.

The FCC Bus Hits South by Southwest
The Bay Area's vital response when the FCC came to town in April 2008 to hold a hearing on Comcast throttling is the subject of a new documentary aired at Austin's SXSW.

Oakland Digs the Gig: Oaktown Joins the Google Scuffle
The City of Oakland joined about 600 other communities nationwide today in a competition for the honor of becoming a test-site for Google’s experimental ultra high-speed broadband networks.

Net Neutrality Laws Lie in FCC Hands
by Terry JohnsonPhiladelphia Tribune
The imperfect founders of the Republic anticipated a struggle over freedom of the press. But surely they could not have imagined — and 10 years ago most people could not have imagined — that the democratic potential of the nation might turn on the outcome of a fight over freedom of access to the Internet.

Digital Nation: 21st Century America's Progress Towards Universal Broadband
The report samples 4000 households and 129,000 citizens. It's central idea is that although Broadband internet has transformed the way Americans communicate, for many citizens, Broadband remains out of reach. The report, complete with graph and pie charts, illustrates the gaps in internet access (which demographic groups have it or don’t and why); where it tends to be more accessible, as well why who have access to it chose not to use it.

Xinjiang residents cope with losing Net access
by Cara AnnaAssociated Press
They arrive at this gritty desert crossroads weary from a 13-hour train ride but determined. The promised land lies just across the railway station plaza: a large, white sign that says "Easy Connection Internet Cafe."

Can we have affordable broadband for everyone? Can we afford not to?
As advocates fight to convert the promise of an open Internet future into binding net neutrality regulations, the larger issue of affordable access for all looms in the background. Can it be done?

Have a Heart: Net Neutrality for Valentine's Day
Sign the petition!

Raising Our Voices: Empowering Communities and Creating Justice
by Elizabeth Farsaci with some text from Eloise Lee and Dorothy Kidd
Raising Our Voices is an ongoing media training project that works with community leaders to produce content on issues related to immigration, poverty, violence, gender, labor and social justice.

New FCC Commissioner Challenges MMTC on Net Neutrality
The Federal Communications Commission's newest Democrat Mignon Clyburn had some interesting comments to make about net neutrality on Friday at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council's Social Justice summit

Comcast Making Some Headway Against FCC in Net Neutrality Appeal
by Joelle TesslerAssociated Press
Comcast is appealing the FCC decision that it violated net neutrality principals by throttling Bit Torrent downloads, a decision made following an en banc hearing at Stanford University in 2008. Here's a report from the US Court of Appeals in DC from the AP.

Julius Genachowski, New FCC Chair, Signals He's Ready to Move on Net Neutrality
by Matt WoodMedia Access Project
Update: Great news! The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking passed at the 10-22 FCC meeting. Genachowski's call for immediate action on net neutrality has stirred a strong counter-movement in the telecom sector. See Media Alliance's letter to the FCC prior to an October 22nd meeting where we will find out if the Chairman's call has resonated with his 4 FCC colleagues - 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Global Privacy Standards for a Global World
Affirming that privacy is a fundamental human right set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other human rights instruments and national constitutions;