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Can we have affordable broadband for everyone? Can we afford not to?
As advocates fight to convert the promise of an open Internet future into binding net neutrality regulations, the larger issue of affordable access for all looms in the background. Can it be done?

Have a Heart: Net Neutrality for Valentine's Day
Sign the petition!

Raising Our Voices: Empowering Communities and Creating Justice
by Elizabeth Farsaci with some text from Eloise Lee and Dorothy Kidd
Raising Our Voices is an ongoing media training project that works with community leaders to produce content on issues related to immigration, poverty, violence, gender, labor and social justice.

New FCC Commissioner Challenges MMTC on Net Neutrality
The Federal Communications Commission's newest Democrat Mignon Clyburn had some interesting comments to make about net neutrality on Friday at the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council's Social Justice summit

Comcast Making Some Headway Against FCC in Net Neutrality Appeal
by Joelle TesslerAssociated Press
Comcast is appealing the FCC decision that it violated net neutrality principals by throttling Bit Torrent downloads, a decision made following an en banc hearing at Stanford University in 2008. Here's a report from the US Court of Appeals in DC from the AP.

Julius Genachowski, New FCC Chair, Signals He's Ready to Move on Net Neutrality
by Matt WoodMedia Access Project
Update: Great news! The Notice of Proposed Rulemaking passed at the 10-22 FCC meeting. Genachowski's call for immediate action on net neutrality has stirred a strong counter-movement in the telecom sector. See Media Alliance's letter to the FCC prior to an October 22nd meeting where we will find out if the Chairman's call has resonated with his 4 FCC colleagues - 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

Global Privacy Standards for a Global World
Affirming that privacy is a fundamental human right set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and other human rights instruments and national constitutions;

One Web Day Came to UC Berkeley: Sept 22
Media Alliance and the Berkeley Center for New Media met on One Web Day to discuss our Internet future At the Berkeley Center for New Media Commons.

Call for Reviewers: Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
With the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), President Obama and Congress appropriated an unprecedented $7.2 billion in funds to expand broadband access to all Americans. The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is administering the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) a $4.5 billion grant program to promote broadband deployment, public computer centers and broadband adoption.

Speed Matters?
The third annual Speed Matters report on Internet Speeds in America was released today by the Communication Workers of America - and U.S. connection speeds have not improved significantly in the past year.

Pulling the Strings
A cute graphic from Free Press you can share illustrating the fingers in the pie as the nation struggles to develop a plan to address the technology divide.

Media and Democracy Coalition Asks for More Inclusion in Stimulus Broadband Funding
A coalition of public interest groups co-signed this letter asking for changes.

Global Broadband
The Association for Progressive Communications (http://www.apc.org) reports on global broadband access victories in South Africa and Bolivia.

New Report: Privatizing the Public Trust: A Critical Look at Connected Nation
This report by Public Knowledge, Common Cause and the Media and Democracy Coalition (MA is a steering committee member) takes a hard look at the telecom-connected nonprofit that looks poised to swallow up some broadband stimulus monies for mapping broadband assets without public disclosure.

National Broadband Policy for the Twenty-First Century: Thoughts from the Grassroots
This Media Alliance report is a compilation of several events held in the state of California in 2008 where grassroots groups and members of the community gathered to discuss the the Internet.

Nation's Largest ISPs Crafting Fake National Broadband Policy
In order to make sure that no real, substantive ones take shape.... It's generally agreed upon that this nation has no broadband policy whatsoever. We can probably all also agree that actually changing this might be a good idea for a supposed global technology leader.

Our Vision for the Future
It's easy to criticize. Too easy. But what is the affirmative vision for a 21st century media that works to advance peace, justice and social responsibility?

Digital Infrastructure, By the Community, For The Community
Article by MA's Program Director Eloise Lee from Race, Poverty and the Environment.

Net Neutrality 101/FAQ's
What is Net Neutrality about? When we log onto the Internet, we take a lot for granted. We assume we'll be able to access any Web site we want, whenever we want, at the fastest speed, whether it's a corporate or mom-and-pop site. We assume that we can use any service we like — watching online video, listening to podcasts, sending instant messages — anytime we choose. What makes all these assumptions possible is Network Neutrality...

Center for Rural Strategies Lays Claim to the White Spaces
One of the rarely-mentioned aspects of the D-TV transition is the vast swaths of spectrum that will become available with the loss of the analog "fuzz" frequencies. What will they be used for?