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Media Ownership

Media Cross-Ownership Rules Upheld by FCC
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
September 23rd, 2016
Media Cross-Ownership Rules Upheld by FCC

Comcast-Time Warner Merger Falls Apart
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
April 24th, 2015
This morning media justice advocates celebrated as the merger of Comcast Corporation and Time Warner Cable came to an abrupt end with this morning's withdrawal of the merger application.

Letter to FCC Chair Tom Wheeler: Reject the Comcast Merger
Stop Mega Comcast Coalition
April 17th, 2015
34 public and private organizations write to FCC Chair Wheeler telling him there will be no competition in a post-merger world and to reject the Comcast TWC merger.

Hedge Fund Throwing $900K A Year Into KCSM-TV Spectrum Auction Sale
by Matt PacelliSkyline View
April 3rd, 2015
At the last SMCCD board meeting, the Skyline College newspaper reports that Blackstone-owned Locuspoint Properties is throwing $900,000 a year into the District-owned public televison station (the 5th largest in the State of California) in preparation for the liquidation of the station in the next spectrum auction.

Google Pulls Ads from Antiwar.com
by Alex PareeneGawker.com
April 3rd, 2015
In a financial shot at a prominent anti-war and anti-militarism website, Google Adsense has pulled its ads from the venerable site, citing a page containing pictures of the Abu Ghraib torture victims at the US military facility.

CA PUC Proposes To Approve Comcast/TWC Merger But Applies 25 Conditions
Update: On Friday April 10th, CPUC comm Mike Florio issued an alternate proposed decision calling on the CPUC to reject the merger because it is not in the public interest.

CA Public Utilities Commission Buries Net Neutrality Vote
September 25th, 2014
Hours before a scheduled vote to authorize the California Public Utilities Commission to weigh in on the federal network neutrality debate and share the overwhelming opinions of Californians that the Internet should be re-classified as a public utility, the item was suddenly withdrawn from Thursday's meeting agenda for undisclosed reasons.

65 Groups Send Letter Objecting to Comcast-Time Warner Merger
August 25th, 2014
Sixty-five organizations representing consumers, content producers, and social justice and democracy-reform advocates called on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today to reject the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. The FCC is currently reviewing the deal to determine whether it serves the public interest.

CPUC Setting Cable Franchising Rules
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
June 26th, 2014
The CA Public Utilities Commission is Debating Cable Franchising Rules

ABC Wins ABC vs Aereo Case at the Supreme Court
by Adam LiptakNew York Times
June 23rd, 2014
Update 6/25. Supreme Court rules in ABC's favor 6-3, disabling the startup Aereo.

National Lawyers Guild Announces Webinars for Lawyers to Help Low Power Radio Applicants
by Tracy RosenbergTruthout
The National Lawyers Guild Committee on Democratic Communications Announces Webinars for Lawyers to Help Low Power Radio Applicants

50 Public Interest Groups Say No To Comcast/Time Warner Merger
Free Press
The anti-competitive and anti-consumer cable merger between Comcast and Time Warner was objected to by 50 public interest organizations across the country.

Merger Mania: Comcast Wants To Buy Time Warner
The Hill
February 17th, 2014
The nation's two biggest cable companies want to merge in a deal that looks to have grave consequences for competition and consumer choice in telecommunications.

Washington Post Owner Bezos Signs 600 Million Dollar Contract To Store CIA Data
by Breaking The SetRussia Today
The sole owner of the Washington Post, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos has partnered with the CIA as a vendor to store CIA data in the cloud.

Digital TV Transition in Chile Threatens Community Media ... and Soccer
by Andrew BakerSantiago Times
November 18th, 2013
Law which requires TV channels to go digital has been labeled unconstitutional, catastrophic for community channels and even a threat to Chile’s soccer team.

Packed House Greets FCC Chair Tom Wheeler in Oakland
New FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler was greeted with a packed house and heard from 25 Bay Area social justice and media change leaders on the evening of January 9th.

Low-Power Window: It's Really Really November 14th
October 18th, 2013
Update 10/18: Post Government Shutdown chaos, it's looking like the filing window is "now" until about November 14th. At least that is today's version. Stay tuned.

KCSM-TV:Blackstone To Control The Sale of 5th Largest Public TV Station in CA
August 19th, 2013
An MA public records request reveals that Blackstone Group subsidiary Locuspoint Networks has the absolute right to force a sale to any bidder of California's 5th largest public TV station if FCC spectrum auction does not ensue in 4 years, including for example, a christian chain broadcaster.

Cell Phone Unlocking
by Derek KhannaThe Hill
Cell Phone unlocking is another issue that unites leftwingers with some libertarian sectors. In addition to the civil liberties issues, cell phone unlocking has real benefits for low-income communities to have access to higher-grade devices.

SMCCD Board Liquidates KCSM-TV
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
May 18th, 2013
On Wednesday May 15th, three San Mateo Community College board trustees approved an unseen contract with Locuspoint Networks, a 99%-owned subsidiary of hedge firm The Blackstone Group, to liquidate the 48-year-old noncommercial TV station KCSM in a spectrum auction.

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