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Media Monopoly is Bad News for Americans
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
Update 12/4: Early unconfirmed reports indicate the ownership vote has been pushed back until at least January 2013. Thanks to you!

MA and National Lawyers Guild Oppose Loosening of 3rd Party Fundraising Rules
Media Alliance and the National Lawyers Guild Committee on Democratic Communications filed comments opposing FCC plans to loosen the restrictions on 3rd party fundraising by noncommercial broadcasters.

Get a Low-Power Radio Station!
by Michi EyreREC Networks
In preparation for the historic low-power radio filing window, here are some tools to find out what's available in your community.

KCSM-TV Sale Postponed
August 11th, 2012
Update: 10/25 - The San Mateo Community College District has rejected all bidders in the sale of KCSM-TV. MA's pending public records request for all of the bid documentation will be fulfilled this week - (six months after the request was filed). The board stated that they are still determined to sell the broadcast license and will embark on a new RFP process.

Low-Power Radio Filing Window October 2013!
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
Northern California LPFM Outreach Volunteer Workshops: Sacto/Davis 2/8 (4pm) and Bay Area 2/11 (6pm). Help make radio. Stay tuned!

KUSF One Year Later
Update: On August 15th, in a tribute of sorts, the fabled call letters of KUSF, which will be remembered forever by music fans, were transferred to a yet-to-be-constructed station at 91.3 in Glendale, Oregon owned by community radio facilitators Common Frequency.

Coast is Clear for Low-Power Radio
On March 19th, the FCC released an order clearing the way for the expansion of low-power radio service into cities and towns.

Political Ads Come to Public Broadcasting
by Pamela McLeanTrial Insider, New America Media
The Bay Area KTMP-Channel 32 was granted an appeal by the 9th Circuit Court allowing educational broadcasters to accept paid political advertisements.

Bay Citizen to Merge with Center for Investigative Reporting
Your Call - KALW
Update 3/27/12 Bay Citizen announces the merger is official.

KCSM-TV Up For Sale
by Tracy RosenbergHuffington Post
December 1st, 2011
As part of an epidemic of higher education institutions nationwide ridding themselves of educational TV and radio licenses, the San Mateo Community College District in Northern California has announced the upcoming sale of KSCM-TV, the noncommercial TV station it has owned and operated for 48 years.

KGO Radio - Cumulus Cleans House
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
Update 12/15: Video coverage from OakFoSho here.

Civil Rights and the Airwaves
by New American Foundationhttp://newamerica.net/events/2012/on_the_airwaves
November 17th, 2011
A panel on the social justice implications of the upcoming low power radio window and how we can't waste this opportunity.

Green 960 Exiled by Clearchannel to HD
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
Update 1/7 - Glenn Beck is coming to San Francisco

Low-Power Radio: The Implementation Shuffle
"Pirate" radio is now the law of the land, thanks to the Local Community Radio Act. But the devil is in the details and how the law is implemented by the FCC will make all the difference.

Victory: Media Ownership Rules Upheld After 8-Year Fight
After an 8-year legal battle that began in 2003, the "relaxation" of media ownership rules proposed by Colin Powell and then Kevin Martin, has been thrown out by the courts.

Radio Summer Bay Area
Radio Summer Bay Area was a great event. Watch the video and join us virtually if you couldn't come in person!

Saving College Stations
Update 6/28/2011 - FCC calls for further review of the application for consent to transfer KUSF license to Classical Public Radio Network. See the order below.

Broadcast Ownership Data Released
On the good news front, after much litigation, the Federal Communications Commission finally released long-delayed Form 323 data, which tracks female and minority ownership of broadcast outlets.

Petition to Deny Transfer of KUSF License Filed with the FCC
Update 6-13-2011 - Friends of KUSF has filed a declaration with the Federal Licensing Agency, declaring that the University of San Francisco has illegally dismantled KUSF's studio prior to an FCC decision on the proposed license transfer to the Classical Public Radio Network LLC.

Minority Groups Say Civil Rights Getting Worse at the FCC
by Gautham NageshThe Hill
A coalition of minority advocacy groups, including the NAACP and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and lawmakers on Tuesday complaining about a lack of progress on civil rights issues.