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Civil Rights and the Airwaves
by New American Foundationhttp://newamerica.net/events/2012/on_the_airwaves
November 17th, 2011
A panel on the social justice implications of the upcoming low power radio window and how we can't waste this opportunity.

Green 960 Exiled by Clearchannel to HD
by Tracy RosenbergMedia Alliance
Update 1/7 - Glenn Beck is coming to San Francisco

Low-Power Radio: The Implementation Shuffle
"Pirate" radio is now the law of the land, thanks to the Local Community Radio Act. But the devil is in the details and how the law is implemented by the FCC will make all the difference.

Victory: Media Ownership Rules Upheld After 8-Year Fight
After an 8-year legal battle that began in 2003, the "relaxation" of media ownership rules proposed by Colin Powell and then Kevin Martin, has been thrown out by the courts.

Radio Summer Bay Area
Radio Summer Bay Area was a great event. Watch the video and join us virtually if you couldn't come in person!

Saving College Stations
Update 6/28/2011 - FCC calls for further review of the application for consent to transfer KUSF license to Classical Public Radio Network. See the order below.

Broadcast Ownership Data Released
On the good news front, after much litigation, the Federal Communications Commission finally released long-delayed Form 323 data, which tracks female and minority ownership of broadcast outlets.

Petition to Deny Transfer of KUSF License Filed with the FCC
Update 6-13-2011 - Friends of KUSF has filed a declaration with the Federal Licensing Agency, declaring that the University of San Francisco has illegally dismantled KUSF's studio prior to an FCC decision on the proposed license transfer to the Classical Public Radio Network LLC.

Minority Groups Say Civil Rights Getting Worse at the FCC
by Gautham NageshThe Hill
A coalition of minority advocacy groups, including the NAACP and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition, wrote to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and lawmakers on Tuesday complaining about a lack of progress on civil rights issues.

EFF Report on FBI Intelligence Violations
Electronic Frontier Foundation researched and documented widespread violations in FBI intelligence investigations in the decade since 2001.

Countdown with Keith Olbermann Bites The Dust after Comcast/NBC Merger
Only days after the Comcast/NBC merger went through, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, one of the few left-of-center voices in cable news, was suddenly canceled.

KUSF License Sold
In a sudden move that took many by surprise, the University of San Francisco sold the broadcast license of KUSF as a new frequency for the nonprofit iteration of classical station KDFC.

Comcast/NBC Merger Double-Approved by the Department of Justice and the FCC
Update: On .Tuesday, both the Department of Justice's Antitrust Division and the FCC dropped their previous objections to the megamerger by approving it with the imposition of some conditions they said preserved market competition. Here is a report from DSLreports:

Local Community Radio Act Passes the Senate
On Saturday, December 18th, the Local Community Radio Act which opens up frequencies for 10-100 watt radio stations all over the country, passed the Senate and now awaits only the President's signature to become the law of the land.

The History and Future of Hyper-Local Radio
by Christina Dunbar HesterThe Atlantic Monrthly Technology Blog
Some day soon, Congress may pass the Local Community Radio Act, a piece of legislation that will allow a couple thousand new low-power FM radio stations to go on the air.

Towards A Just Communications Structure: Pacifica Radio's Never Ending Battle
by Tracy RosenbergHuffington Post
I often hear, as a Pacifica Foundation board member that terrestrial radio in general and Pacifica radio in particular, is irrelevant.

Fighting to Restore Public Access TV and Freedom of Speech in Los Angeles
by Ron KayeRon Kaye L.A.
For 25 years, the people of Los Angeles could use 14 Time Warner Cable studios in all parts of the city to produce television shows on the public access channels to express their views, their values, their ideas.

The War Between the NAB and the CEA: Mandatory FM
by Nate AndersonArs Technica
Nothing like a corporate shoving match. Such has broken out between the National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Electronics Assn on whether cell phones and PDAs should be outfitted with mandatory FM receivers.

Looking for Journalism in all the Wrong Places
by Tracy RosenbergThe Huffington Post
The news is full of the lack of news. Everywhere pundits, commentators, and academics mourn the death of the crusading journalism of the fourth estate.

The Public Spoke Back - May 21st Reportback
by Tracy RosenbergHuffington Post
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) returned to Stanford's campus on May 21st for a workshop on media ownership regulation.